First Blog Post… Finally!


I have finally gotten around to starting this Blog Post (as the titles suggests!), which I have been meaning to do for a while now and as I have started typing I can hear my little one has just woken up early from his nap (that’s his lordship in the lovely cardigan)… typical!

I just wanted to quickly write this one to say ‘Hello, Im Alice’ to anyone that may read this. I live in gloucestershire and two years ago myself and my other half had an offer accepted on our first home which needed complete renovation. We also found out I was expecting a baby!
We have done a lot of work on our home but, as it always goes with this kind of project, it took longer and cost more than we hoped! The money that we had planned to spend on the house basically vanished when I started maternity leave and now I work part-time, so everything we have done has been on a tight budget. I’ve named the blog At Patricks House; basically because since we knew my son Patrick would be arriving everything changed and now all of my choices and purchases revolve around His existence in some shape or form.

Although We always have a tight budget I love to shop my bloody socks off and I love to have a beautifully styled home. I truly believed that money doesn’t buy you taste or style. But I have spent a lot of time trawling the internet for beautiful home accessories and furniture that don’t cost a bomb and basically I have now concluded that if the internet thinks ‘you are poor, you don’t deserve nice things so stop looking!’.
I’m hoping that anyone reading this can relate and its not just me.
You sometimes have to go far into the depths of internet to find nicely styled pieces and so I hope I can bring these to the surface and make life easier for others in my little boat. I must also add that sometimes you can find really nice things in places that you wouldn’t have thought to look such as Wilko, Primark and Matalan to name a few, so I will be including those as well.

And there is no doubt there I will also be adding Parent based, How to deal with my teenage skin in my late 20’s and What on Earth am I going to wear that doesn’t say ‘Mum’ now that I am a Mum blogs!!

Thanks for reading
Alice x

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