On Wednesday We Wear Pink?!

I stepped on Lego First thing this morning and was really worried that would set the tone for the day.. then I broke a lid for one of my Orla Kiely storage jars!!! I know they say it comes in threes, but the jar lid is definitely worth two bad lucks.

Fortunately I got over it and cheered myself up with an Asos window shopping spree. There’s so many treats left in my saved items that I intend to go back for when I am feeling a bit more cash carefree. I reeeeally like dusky pink accessories around the house at the minute and I like when other people wear it, but its a colour that I NEVER wear myself. So, I’ve dipped my toes in and purchased this little top from H&M (at £12.99) .. yes I know its a turtle neck so I am hardly being brave, but if I wear it a lot, perhaps I will slip the pink in a bit more often (hahaha).. to my wardrobe.

I looks great on this incredibly thin, tall, contoured model so I’m sure it will look exactly like this on barely 5ft tall, FF chested little old me! right?!

We will see when it arrives.

Thanks for Reading.

Alice x

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