Brightening up the dark evenings

I’m obsessed with candles at the moment, I almost look forward to it being dark enough around 5pm to light some. It creates a really nice atmosphere in our home, although our house is small, our lounge is fairly big so it’s nice to have them dotted around in the evenings.

I have been looking for a decent sized lantern for a while for our lounge, but all of the ones I have seen are a little too jazzy for my liking… I love metallic accessories but I think the best way to have them is as plain and simple as possible.
I finally found the perfect one in John Lewis but of course the size I wanted was out of stock! So typical.
But, luckily flippin Wilko of all places stepped in and saved the day, a very similar design and just as chunky and plain as I wanted!
I have also been searching for a star  for our lounge for a while, I love a barn star but its just a bit too rustic for a mid century bungalow so I have found these instead.

The Wilko version is very ‘budget’ but its simple and I like that, it has some good reviews as well. I love the NOTHS version, because its actually a lantern as well.


Thanks for reading,

Alice x

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