The Winter Blues won’t beat you down!

January is always a bit of a strange month where everyone is waiting for payday, trying to overcome a cold and thinking of ways to lose the extra pounds they gained over Christmas. Yesterday I found myself at work saying ‘I can’t be arsed!’ and I am pretty sure all of the above are to blame!

I usually really enjoy winter, in fact I really like all of the different seasons for different reasons, but, winter is definitely the hardest time of year for a lot of people hence the well known term ‘winter blues’.
It’s all big jumpers and cups of tea at work.. which were novel at first, but now I am itching to wear a skirt and nice blouses again!


Im a big fan of the KonMari method of decluttering and it was the first thing I did in each room after the New Year. I think how your home feels and looks definitely affects you mentally, so to know everything is tidy and clean puts my mind at ease. I can’t sit down and relax if I know something needs to be tidied or cleaned, so occasionally giving every room a once over is a really positive thing for me.

I spend most of my time outside in the garden through summer and constantly have our patio doors open, so during winter I think it’s nice to keep some of the outside inside.
I do this with flowers and plants, just having them dotted around in the darkest corners and the lightest spots can make a room feel fresh. I  love the colour green, I think it promotes peace. Even back when our home was a bit of a building site I had a few plants dotted around.

As well as using plants and trying to make the most of any daylight, I try to buy a lot of my accessories such as throws, cushions in light colours so that I can have them out in Spring and Summer without them looking out of place. Some people seem to only enjoy being cosy in winter when they are cooped up inside, but I am happy to be cosy all year round thanks, especially when the sun goes down in the summer and it feels immediately arctic!

I love pastels and metallics because I think there is a place for them all year round and they can even tie in really well with Christmas decorations! A great tip to help you create a comfortable, cosy atmosphere is to use a selection of different textures and fabrics. I have a mixture of velvet, sheepskin, cotton, wool and fleece in my lounge. We spend a lot of time at home since having our son so its really important to me that we actually enjoy the experience of spending time here in the evenings.

The last thing I think everyone needs to do all year round, but especially in winter and more so if you’re suffering with a cold, is to take 10 minutes to sit, relax and look after yourself.
Read a book, scroll through instagram, lust over pinterest, whatever makes you happy. Just make time for it.
Occasionally I go from 6am till 6pm without sitting down! I am a huge tea and coffee drinker and having a warm drink just to hold can even perk my mood up, especially on a chilly afternoon. So I always try to allow myself a few minutes with a hot drink when my son is having a nap. Being a huge hot drink fan also makes me a huge mug and tea cup fan! At the moment I have a set of Millie Marotta mugs, which were a really thoughtful Christmas gift.

The last thing which is a MUST DO for me is moisturise to within an inch of my life!! I suffer with relatively dry skin throughout the year, and since having my son I have suffered a lot with blocked pores and some acne on my face, so I have a really good skin care routine now. The cold weather really affects how dry my skin feels but also I think central heating can dry skin as well, so I try to always use a good hand cream, one with almond oil or something equivalent to condition my nails and always a lovely thick night cream usually with vitamin E and a very light day cream to go under my make up with a good SPF rating!
Having bad skin really gets you down, so it’s best to just not let it become a problem. Luckily I find you don’t even have to spend a lot to get good quality cosmetics now.
This Baby Bottom Butter from Waitrose is lovely as an all round body butter and a great price for the quality of the product, I have been using it since Patrick was born.


What are things that you always do in winter to keep you happy? If you have any tips I would love to know.
My son always picks up colds at nursery and gives them to us so any tips to beat a cold would be spot on!

Thanks for reading,

Alice x

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