Winter Facial Skin Care Routine

As I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s blog on tackling the Winter Blues, I have very dry skin and a lot of breakouts so I have a fairly strict skincare routine and I’m super consistent with it. I have had a constant battle with my skin since I first started getting acne around the age of 11 or 12 and I was miserable,  I became very skilled at doing my make up and luckily my Mum was happy to buy me concealers to make my breakouts less obvious at school.
I visited the doctors countless times for skin medication and tried everything over the counter and nothing worked. I always used a very gentle cleanser and moisturiser and I found a consistent routine made a considerable difference.
When I was in my late teens I started taking the contraceptive pill and after a year or so of taking it my skin was completely clear and stayed like it the whole time I took the pill, so i just assumed I had finally grown out of my bad skin by my early twenties. But, after giving birth to my son I have started having a lot of regular break outs again.

Skin Type
My skin isn’t particularly sensitive or oily, but it is dry. Luckily it is the same all over, I don’t have combination skin which makes things a little easier to treat at least!!
Since giving birth my skin is drier, I have bigger pores, I have dark patches (hyperpigmentation) which tends to be more prone in darker skin tones than mine and I’m having more regular acne breakouts. So, I believe a lot of my skin issues are hormone related and therefore difficult to treat. However, diet, mindset and hydration are all directly linked to the skin’s appearance so this is also something to keep in mind.

Night Cream
For me the most important thing above everything is having a very heavy night moisturiser which is easily absorbed, I have been using Nivea Night Cream for about a year and I am really happy with the results, it’s currently half price at Superdrug. Your skin breathes most when you sleep so I think its best to try and find something that won’t clog your pores. I also rub a small layer of Vaseline over the top of very dry areas to seal in the moisturiser which is very effective

I use a Garnier Micellar water to remove make up. I have a great Myreen Young Deep Cleansing Oil which I use once a week and I have a daily cleanser which I use each evening both of these get any remaining makeup off. I DON’T WASH MY FACE in the morning. I believe cleansing your face too often or even to putting too much water on your face can dry it out and decrease your natural oils.

Day Cream
In the mornings I like to use a refreshing moisturiser with a good SPF rating such as Ponds Anti-Wrinkle, or if I’m not wearing makeup I will use a factor 50 lotion which is really important to prevent further dark patches. My favourite SPF 50 lotion is actually Wilko own believe it or not! Its £3.50 for a huge bottle and actually has a higher star rating for UVA protection compared to Garnier and other similar high end lotions, it also has vitamin E.

I also wear an eye cream before applying makeup because I have quite a few creases under my eyes which are difficult to blend make up over. I was using Simple eye cream but have just started using clinique Pep Start.

Breakout Treatment
Once a week I exfoliate with No7 Microdermabrasion which is my favourite exfoliant.I like that the grains are extremely small, sometimes I think exfoliants can be a bit harsh for the skin on your face, even with the ones specifically produced for the face. I also steam my face for around 10 minutes once every week or so, after I have exfoliated to open up my pores.
Afterwards, I will use either Glycolic Tonic from Freedom when my skin is particularly bad or Myreen Young Antioxidant toning spray.
I have 2 go to products to try and calm down red, painful spots; Lush’s Grease Lightning or Clinique gel.

I know this probably feel like a minefield of products and routines and rules, but it doesn’t feel that bad when it just becomes part of your daily life, promise!
My other half has great skin and all he uses is a bar of soap!!!

All of these products in this particular routine have really helped me, obviously everyone’s skin is different, but hopefully at least some of this info might apply to a lot of people.All of the products I use are very well priced for the quality you get, I honestly believe you don’t have to spend a lot to get decent products.

Thanks for reading,
Alice x

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