Fri-Yay! I look like a bus in this top

I wore my new H&M top to work today, there’s something about wearing new clothes for the very first time. It just puts you in such a good mood! I was apprehensive about wearing it as I tend to stick to black (in its many variations), leopard print and denim.

Yea, That’s right… red lips, leopard print and a leather Jacket= HELL YEAH (thats my day-to-day mumming and housework attire you know?!)
Long sleeve pale pink top = HELL NO!
Funny how our comfort zone works.

Disappointingly, it certainly doesn’t look like it does on the long, tanned model. I know that someone with my fairly ‘normal’, super short body type should be used to that by now, but i’m just not frankly. When I buy something I always have unachievable, high expectations that it will look exactly like it does in the picture!

This Model must be tiiiiiny or heavily photoshopped because I’m a 5ft size 8 and I LOOK LIKE A BUS compared to her.

However, I like it. I don’t feel like a boring Mum in it and its comfortable. Its in size small and it’s loose enough to not cling to everything and to wear a pale coloured top underneath which is ideal considering it’s a bit see-through!! And its in a super soft jersey material.

So, Yay! I would definitely recommend it for the price as well! just don’t do a photo comparison between yourself and the model..

Thanks for reading,


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