Spring Lusting

It takes me quite a while to find the right accessories to buy for our home. I usually have in mind exactly what I want so it’s just a matter of endlessly scouring the internet and looking in quirky shops in the hope that what I want actually exists!!

Im really hoping to brighten our house up ready for spring summer now I have wiped away all of the winter cobwebs!

I have been looking for a mirror to go on the wall in our entrance hall by the front door, its a very narrow space and it would definitely benefit from the light reflecting properties of a mirror. I have selected these few as my favourites, although none of them are right for what I need. You can find them atΒ Cox and Cox.

I love to have flowers around the house all year round, but I have been inspired by Pinterest boards to bring floral and leaf prints into the house for Spring/Summer such as this tea towel and bed linen fromΒ H&M.

I’m a huge fan of natural fibres particularly Sisal and Seagrass carpets. I currently have these woven Linea placemats from House of Fraser which I love.
I have found some very similar ones at H&M and also this Seagrass basket which is ideal for use as a plant holder which seems to be the latest Instagram trend.

As I know I have mentioned before I can’t go without metallic and pastel accessories so here is a watering can… completely essential for feeding all of those indoor plants from H&M! A feather tray and a very effective bunch of faux peonies (great for when they aren’t in season!) You can find these atΒ Laura Ashley.

For me this time of year is about fresh air and having windows open! I really liked reed diffusers to freshen a room up, I currently have a lavender one in our bedroom and I find it very relaxing at night. Im also a big fan of a drawer liner to keep clothes freshly scented!

I hope you like these finds!
If you have any tips about embracing Spring/Summer in your home I would like to know πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading,

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