Judgy McJudge Face

7:30am This Morning

A couple of days ago I was discussing children and all of the funny habits they pick up with a customer at work. When I mentioned that he still loved a bottle of milk first thing in the morning and last thing at night, she said (with the most judgemental, eyebrow raising stare) ‘Really?!’.

Now, it’s not what she said, but THE WAY SHE SAID IT WITH HER FACE! I had no idea what she was expecting me to say back to my response was ‘YEP!’ (with the biggest smile ever).

I kind of forgot about the whole thing until little Patrick was having his bottle this morning. I don’t really get what this womans problem was and I wasnt going to explain or justify anything to her, because surely every parents now whats best based on their own kids needs.
Mumming is difficult enough without other Mums thinking they know best.
Im guessing the woman was in her 50s so she probably thought she knows best, but well, How fucking dare she! haha

Anyway, We have one of the most chilled out, well behaved toddlers I have ever come across and we have basically always lets him have a nap when he is tired and eat when he is hungry etc,. He has a routine completely built around his natural responses and that works for us and thats how we choose to do things, but I would never make a judgemental comment against a Mum or Dad doing things completely opposite to us.

The truth is that no one knows best, no one knows what We should or shouldn’t do, We are literally all just winging it and dealing with our childrens individuality the best we can. Anyone that says otherwise is a dick.
Anyone (especially anyone who has had children themselves) making any other Mum or Dad second guess or worry about their way of doing things is an idiot.
These are the people that take up the child and parent parking spaces when they have no children with them. You think, ‘how can you do that, when you have had kids and you know what its like to battle with them and a trolley in the wind and rain,whilst trying not to damage other people cars in a tiny parking space!’. Thoughtless.

I just wanted to plainly point this out for anyone out there trying to parent as best as they can and being put down by the shit heads of this world.

Thanks for reading,

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