DIY Plans so far 2017

Since buying our house 2 years ago we have done constant work on it. We started by spending three months ripping everything out. Im mean EVERYTHING including any damaged floorboards and rotten joists.
We had a couple of old extensions on the back of the house knocked down and rebuilt in a much better way. We fitted a brand new kitchen and bathroom and had all new electrics and plumbing. I keep meaning to do a before and after blog!!
We have been living here for a year now and it is still very much a work in progress.

This year we are hoping to neaten up the back garden with new paving and the ground level slightly lowered. In the future we hope to have a large grass area and a decked area for seating, but at the minute it is all paved with a nice border of plants and trees. I am looking forward to having grass so Patrick can play comfortably outside.

Our next job is the fireplace…

I absolutely love wood burners and open fires, but with such a young child it is just not practical. So for now we are blocking it up and I am going to tile the base of the inside. I really like quite retro patterned tiles but I am thinking of going for something geometric to keep it a little more contemporary.

We also having a small cubby hole in the entrance which we can’t do a lot with. It was tiled so took them off on Sunday and it now looks like this…


I am hoping We can transform it into a chunky set of built in shelves for books things. Something along these lines;

If any one has any thoughts on how else we can use this cubby hole for storage it would be great to hear them?!
I really don’t want to put a door on it and use it as a little cupboard because it will make the hallways feel a little bit more closed in than it would with shelves.

Thanks for reading,

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