The small things

I’m in a pretty good mood today and I’m putting it down to my new belt and my new mug. Its amazing how the tiniest of treats can give you a mid week boost!

Last week I splurged on the ASOS sale and got a collection of shoes all of which I have wanted for a while so very pleased;
Tortoiseshell Pointed Loafters
Metallic Slingback Heels
Black Mules
White Reebok Classics
and a leopard print faux pony skin cowboy belt!

When I put the belt on this morning I discovered that I needed to put an extra hole in it to have it a bit tighter… bonus!

I also treated myself to a new mug for work yesterday whilst I was in the supermarket and I was really surprised at the selection in Morrisons. They have various geometric designs in different colourways all for £2 or 2 for £3!! Its a really good size and has a decent chunky handle as well. What’s not to smile about?!



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