Nailcare tips!

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My nails have literally just started growing as they always used to before we started doing our 2 years worth of DIY.. nothing ruins your hands and nails more than grouting tiles, etc. Having neat and tidy hands and nails has always been one of the most important parts of my selfcare routine.You never see me without polish on my fingers and toes and you will rarely see them chipped, so finding decent nail products that don’t make me bankrupt are pretty essential. Customers at work occassionally ask if my nails are acrylic or what polish I use or how I make them so shiny so I thought I would share a few basic tips.

At the moment my favourite polishes are;
Vinylux (by CND the producers of Shellac) for the price this is a very good alternative to shellac, its cured by daylight so no UV required. They come in the same colours as in the Shellac range so if you do have shellac and want to neaten them up and get more wear out of them then this stuff is great! But, also if you want something that you can do yourself at home which can last a week or so, which is why I use it.

Rimmel Super Gel Polish these are very similar to the Vinylux but I find it keeps its shine slightly longer, all in all it is a very good quality product, I just wish they did more metallic and pearlised colours which is why I continue to use Vinylux quite often. I currently have the Rimmel Super Gel Polish on my toe nails, it has been on 3 weeks and looks like they have been freshly done still!!

Champneys Nail Polish which I currently have on my finger nails is phenomenal for the price!!! It goes on beautifully, dries very quickly and you only need two coats to get a nice solid colour. It rarely chips and when it does I find it very easy to touch up. I cannot recommend people try these more. They were actually a Christmas gift from my Gran and all of the colours in the pack are exactly the sort of thing I like so I’m extremely pleased.

I always use Barry M Iron Mani at a top coat, it leaves a shine that lasts quite a few days and I can actually feel an obvious difference in the strength of my nails compared with when Im not wearing it, so its a must have!!

In the pictures below is polish that I put on Monday night and it is now Friday!!

Other than using products that you get on with its all in the prep work.
I have very stubborn cuticles so its important that I use some kind of Cuticle Eraser or Oil or atleast a hand cream containing almond all or something equivilent. My sister has amazing nails and she rubs coconut oil into them each evening. It conditions the skin around nails and the nail itself. I dont always remember to moisturise throughout the day, Im too busy changing nappies, so I leave hand cream on my bed side table so I can always do it when Im in bed. At least that way they get done once a day.

A smooth nail helps with the longevity of the polish, it somehow bonds better to the nail. I would also recommend a decent buffer block which brings the nails natural oil to the surface to create a smooth finish before applying polish. You need a decent quality nail file, I find if you spend a little more they last 10x longer than cheap ones. When filing the nail always brush the file in one direction, moving it back and forth weakens the nail tip and there’s more chance of them splitting! Always wear WASHING UP GLOVES, they should be your best friend from now on.

The last thing you can do for a good overal finish is to shape your nails in a way that suits your natural nail shape. I tend to have mine almond shaped or rounded because thats what they lend themselves to. I used to square them off back in the days when a square french mani was all the rage and they never looked as good as they do now!

Edited in Lumia Selfie

If you have any questions or any other tips I haven’t mention then I would love to hear from you.

Alice, x

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