Angry Meal Times

I have been stressing more than usual recently over my sons eating habits. He has always been such a good eater and was rarely picky or disliked foods. Now He has learnt to meaningfully say NO with a headshake and He uses this very clever new skill whenever I present him with food which isn’t a malted milk biscuit!

He enjoys using a spoon when He is in the mood, but if its fruit or vegetables then even the novelty of having His own spoon doesnt work!
I know that some days He could eat a horse and then other days He just isnt as bothered about food, just like adults and thats fine by me.

But, I just can’t stand those ‘Why do I F**king bother?!’ days where I have spent my morning baking and prepping food for the little rotter to go and throw it all on the kitchen floor. When I have a day off work I don’t appreciate wasting it.

Yesterday wasn’t one of those days (Thank the Gods!!). He had breaded chicken bites, sweet potato mash, baked carrot and pear and hoovered it all up.. apart from the pear, which He apparantly ‘really enjoys’ eating at Nursery!! But it just highlighted to me how rare it is that he doesnt get traumatised by the food I put infront of him.

The little monkey throws food on the floor to get my attention so I have to leave the room.. Totally not ideal to leave yourΒ toddler alone eating I know, so I just stand the other side of the kitchen door where he cant see me, so I am on standby incase he chokes to death.

‘Dear Patrick,
Please just eat your dinner, Mummy has enough shit on her plate’

If you have an tips/recipes for feeding a stubbord toddler then send them in!


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