Meet My Alter Ego..



I weighed myself for the first time in a year the other day. I know the scales don’t give you the whole truth, measuring yourself is better, blah blah! But, they are a good indiciation of how fat you are.

I gained 10kg by the end of my pregnancy which I thought was a bit unfair. I’m a petite person who is naturally slim, so 10kg is a small house to me, especially considering I didn’t over eat while I was pregnant.

Anyway, I lost half of it within the first month of my son being born. The other half is a persistent little nit and is currently clinging to my stomach and thighs for dear life!

I’m really tired all of the time at the moment and I have acne prone skin which has been particularly bad recently so I’m hoping a ‘cleaner’ diet will help to improve these issues too.

Instead of going on a strict diet that will make me miserable Im just trying to be more concious about getting more fruit and veggies into my usual diet and less unhealthy snacks. As the weather improves I will definitely be getting out more to exercise, but at the moment its far too miserable outside so go for long walks, etc and I am just not one of those people who is happy to go running on a cold, dark, rainy evening (like my mental other half does!).

I have the first and second Joe Wicks book and have been really enjoying following the recipes in them. I find them really quick to make usually which is ideal when I have been at work or had a busy day, they are easy to digest and never leave me feeling stuffed. A lot of the recipes also involve food that my 16 month old can eat, so that is a massive bonus!

This is the Chipolatas and Beans recipe from the second Joe Wicks reciepe book, I added mozarella because who doesnt love cheese and meat?!


If you have any super quick, easy, one pot recipes that arent too naughty then send them my way!!


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