Poo Day – Adapt and Survive

Instead of going out for an evening meal just the two of us We decided it might be nice to go out for the day as a family for lunch as We don’t get much time with just the three of us.
On Sunday we went to Cirencester for a change. It was a bitterley cold day, but it lightly snowed the whole time we were there which made it a bit more bearable to be out in such temperatures.



We had a a good walk around before we had lunch which Patrick loved because every single person out walking seemed to have a dog for him to look at! At one point a dog loved me so much he jumped all over me and got my clean jeans all muddy. If its not jam or squished up biscuit on me, its mud. It was a little bit boring walking around town for Mums and Dads because most of the little independant shops were shut as it was Sunday, which was a bit of a shame I thought. Im sure Dan was secretly relieved hence the smiling face.



We explored in a lovely little childrens play park which we had completely to ourselves. Patrick was pretty miserable because it started getting very cold, so naturally He screemed threw himself on the muddy, wet ground and wanted to be held the whole time.
We were probably in the park for about 4 minutes before He kicked off and we had to leave.

So we merrily pushed the inconsolable, screaming toddler along into town and stopped at The Hare for lunch to get out of the cold and have a lovely family meal. The little one finally shut up and enjoyed some chips, Daddy had a brisket burger and Mummy had a pulled pork burger. Lovey. Great. Super.

…it was all going well until the second our food was served up Patrick decided to be miserable and scream (luckily we had a very nice coup0le sat next to us) and fortunately for me, Daddy was willing to hold him for a few minutes so we could eat in peace. Sometimes you just need to give in to their demands to save yourself the embarassment.

Then to finish off the meal our little darling did the worlds biggest, smelliest poo! He always picks the worst moment and it is usually at a restaurant. I guess he just like to check out the baby changing facilities in the same way I enjoy checking out the loos! Unfortunately The Hare doesnt have the best baby chnaging facility so it was altogether traumatic for both parties involved in the nappy change.

Ever since having a child nothing ever goes to plan (even less so than it ever did before anyway), every day is eventful and it constantly feels like someone is testing your ability to adapt and survive!!

Despite the day turning out a little crazy Cirencester is a beautiful place to visit but I would recommend going on a Saturday when there is a bit more happening and the food at The Hare is delicious! I also recommend not involving your kids when it comes to a Valentines meal out.



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