Spring Body…

… its basically a bigger scale version of Summer Body.

When the evenings start getting lighter and the days feel slightly warmer every year I suddenly start to worry about the fact that I really need to shift my extra Christmas pounds so I can wear dresses in the summer without feeling like a pudding in fancy dress! Except this year I also have a couple of kg of baby weight left to shift which I am really determined to do! I keep seeing old holiday photos of me at 22 on the beach and wondering why I dont still look the same, no matter how well I age I imagine I will still be doing this when I am 70. At least un-realistic goals give me something to constantly work towards!

It really doesnt help that you glide through Christmas and New year indulgent season straight into Valentines chocolate season followed by Easter chocolate season and then its summer.. SALAD SEASON.

So, In the past month or so I have been a lot more concious of my snacking and trying to cut down on carbs and have healthier evening meals.
I have the first two Lean in 15 Body Coach recipe books which I get on very well with. I have emntioned before that the meals are very easy and quick to make and most of them are suitable (with a little tweaking) for my 16 month old son.

I particularly wanted to share my experience of the Poached Salmon and Bacon recipe from the first book. It is ss tasty and full of omega-3 fatty acids!
Here’s what Joe Wicks version looks like;


And heres what mine turned out like;


The tomato/veg mixture was a little dry for me so I added a table spoon of passata which I found helped to intensify the flavour a bit. The bacon was a really nice touch and gave a similar flavour to smoked salmon. It had a really lovely rich flavour and I felt very fulfilled when I had finished which is usually a problem for me with salad/no-carby foods so I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely continue to follow a lot of these recipes!

I also tried doing press ups yesterday for the first time in years and I manged 10 without collapsing which I am very pleased with!!

If anyone has any tips/healthy recipes to share with someone who mainly enjoys coffee and doughnuts do let me know!


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