Get your facts straight..



When I follow a blog I really enjoy finding out about the author.
I love finding out what clothes people enjoy wearing, where they like to eat out, go on holiday, books they read, their parenting disasters and what they get up to on Christmas day etc.

I’m pretty nosey and am very interested into other people’s lives and what is going on around me.  Seen as the blogging community is all about sharing heres a few facts about me



  • My name is Alice, my other half is Dan and our son is Patrick
  • I live in Cheltenham and always have. I love it here.
  • We have been engaged for 5 years and never got round to organising our wedding
  • We never planned on having children
  • I’m not sure how, but I’m 27 in this year
  • Im a virgo (if that means anything to you. Im not sure how telling star signs are)
  • Dan works for a large local Baking and Catering company so he gets up at 5am every day
  • I have always worked in retail (HR, Management, Merchandising). I currently work for an interior flooring design company
  • Dan and I bought our first home two years ago and we have been renovating it ever since
  • I have a 1:1 BA hons degree in Sociology
  • I love the challenge of doing things on a budget
  • I love all kinds of music. ALL KINDS. I cant put my ipod on shuffle its too chaotic
  • I have a dark sense of humour and never stop laughing, usually at myself
  • I absolutely love interior design and have always enjoyed sewing and textiles
  • I would love to buy and renovate more property in the future if I get the opportuity
  • Instagram and Pinterest are my go to for general life inspiration
  • My favourite drink is vodka
  • I have my nipple pierced and 2 navel piercings (yes, I am a different person under the turtleneck)
  • I love nights out, probably because they are such a novelty now
  • I cant resist beauty products! I suffer with skin pigmentation and occasional acne so I get very excited to try new products that may help to improve my skin
  • I love clothes. I tend not to invest in fashion as much as I used to because when you have children all of your clothes get ruined!
  • I was in labour for 24 hours with my son and gave birth via emergency c-section.
  • I am barely 5ft tall
  • I really like meeting like minded people, part of the reason I started this blog so get on touch and say HI!!Alice,

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