Typical Day Off (on)

I have been really busy the past few days and have barely had time to update any of my social media. Work has been busy and We are making lots of plans for more home improvements, but Today was my day off work (but it felt more like a day ON) and I have really been looking forward to it. Poor Patrick is a bit run down at the minute. He has the gooey, watery,  gross eyes, A super runny nose that can’t be stopped and has been generally miserable . He has me clinging to me all day and not napping like He usually would, I feel so drained!!

I feel really bad moaning, it’s not his fault at all. But (like most working mums), not only do I have to look after him on my days off, its also my time to catch up on housework and then do anything else that I need to do for myself. So, days where He is extra clingy can be so disappointing and stressful.

I have so much I like to get done on my days off, I always write a list of things to do in the most practical order so I can make sure I don’t forget anything. I always like to make sure I get out of the house even for a really small walk, I think both Patrick and I benefit from it. He loves being in the pushchair and I like the fresh air and exercise. I also always try and work the day around Patricks nap times.

Only, today We didn’t get out of the house, I didn’t do most of the things on my list and it almost feels like a completely wasted day which I hate. I did some baking just to entertain Pat and I for a little while amongst washing up and other housey boring things. I can’t even say I have enjoyed spending the day with my child because everything has made him upset, he hasn’t wanted to play, eat, sleep, anything..
I just feel super deflated and like I haven’t achieved much.It has been a nothing day.

However, when Mr Dalts got in from work, He got the little one ready for bed AND offered to buy us Chinese takeaway for dinner so I didn’t have to cook which has made everything better. We are completely spoilt for chinese restaurants in Cheltenham and two of them are really close to our house.
Luckily Patrick seems to have perked up since this morning and He has successfully gone to bed as usual so I am hopeful for a peaceful evening!

Its amazing the difference that something as small as having to not cook dinner makes!!
I’m just going to treat myself to a hot chocolate.
Fuck healthy eating and the Body Coach tonight, sometimes you need a bloody treat to get you through.


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