Mother Knows Best

No this isn’t a post about my experience as a Mother it is a quick post about my experience as a child who has now become a mother.

On Sunday Patrick and I spent the day with my parents, on a little trip to  the National Trust site Croome. Here is the ruins of a secret WWII airbase base RAF Defford, which has now been converted into a visitor centre and lovely gift shop. There is a grand house known as Croome Court which has beautiful landscaped grounds that look over the Malvern hills. Despite the horrendous wind and rain we had a great walk around. There were plenty of people walking their dogs which entertained Patrick, and a huge lake with ducks, geese and swans to watch. There are plenty of interesting little buildings dotted around the grounds that have been so well preserved and gave us a great little spot to shelter from the rain. I would certainly recommend it for a day out!

Anyway, I am realising the more time I spend with my parents after having my own child, the more I can empathise with them and appreciate the way I was brought up.
Its such a strange feeling, although I get on with my parents very well now, there was so much we didn’t agree on when I was growing up. There are so many questions I ask myself as a parent.. should I teach Patrick to be tough so He can handle the big bad world? Or, should I teach him to be kind and understanding to try and change the said Big Bad World? Should I expose him to things like keeping his private parts private and stranger danger? Or should I let him keep his innocence?

All if these thoughts I have can so easily relate back to what my parents taught me when I was growing up and I realise that they went through exactly the same emotions. So many aspects of my own experience of growing up that I had forgotten about are all coming back to light now I am starting to go through them again but as a Mother this time.
It really does make you realise that those times you thought your parents were uncool and out of touch they were just being sensible and thoughtful.

I am so lucky to have parents that I get on with so well, I don’t really know anyone else that gets on with their families like I do but being able to put myself in their shoes so often as a parent helps me to understand so much that I just have never thought about until this point in my life. As a teenager I thought my parents were pretty strict, but after having my own Son I wonder how on earth they were brave enough to trust me to make decisions and be so independent and just generally let me go out into the world! I know Patrick isnt anywhere near to doing any of that stuff yet but every day a thought will go through my mind about the adult he will become, so it often springs to mind that I am going to have to let him ‘fly the nest’. The best thing about that will be having the house to ourselves most probably, when I find out how that is in twenty years or so I will let you know!

I’m praying that Patrick is a good boy like his father was as he grows up because I am not looking forward to raising a teenager that is like I was!!
Yes I am turning into my mother (she had 3 children and we all came out just fine so that’s not a terrible thing), just a much cooler version obviously!!!


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