Mother’s Day 2017

Sunday 26th March to be exact.

Whether its a holiday engineered by Hallmark and Clintons or not, it’s our day, and we’re gonna make the most of it, because we bloody deserve it.
Now, nobody likes a commercial holiday, but us Mothers can’t let this one slip by without a bit of praise and thanks for living the chaotic lives we do for our families. Now, it’s not all about the presents, cups of tea in bed and a break from housework… yeah, right!

Last year was my first mother’s day and Patrick got me a Fred Perry polo shirt! Im not expecting gifts of that caliber each year. In fact as long as I get a nice card I am happy, although who doesn’t love receiving gifts?! Not Me.

I have put together a little mash up of reasonably priced thoughtful treats which, obviously I would love to receive, but I also think it offers a little inspiration perhaps with a bit of tailoring for other Mums… I’m looking at you Dads.. and children old enough to sort their Mummas out with a gift.

Scented Candles.
I know this seems like an obvious choice, but there are lots of luxury candles to choose from out there which most Mums won’t justify buying for themselves. I really like these two.
Neom- Tranquility Candle £16.99
This lavender scented one is nice to have burning in the evenings to help you wind down before bedtime, you can save 15% off your first order with Neom if you sign up to the mailing list.
Lily-Flame Sugar Rush Candle £9
I find these Lily-Flame candles excellent value for money. All of the various scents are lovely, I just really like the colour tin that this one comes in and they burn well.

Again this will seem like an obvious choice and to be honest I’m always very happy with a bunch of flowers no matter where they are from.
Bloom and Wild Letterbox Delivery – the Elsie £29
If you want a slightly modern take on a traditional gift then this is a great Idea.

Luxury loungewear is my bag. A Mum needs effortless style, extreme comfort and practical washing instructions.
Urban Outfitters Turtleneck £29
This is the softest piece of clothing I have ever come across for this kind of price.

Tea cup or Mug.
I live off tea and coffee like a lot of Mums and a pretty mug can really perk up your mood.
Petal Palette Monogram Mug – £8-10
These mugs are absolutely beautiful and in a really unique design, I would definitely appreciate one. (Dan if you’re reading this.. Hint hint!)

And no this doesn’t mean spending way over budget. High Street jewellery has some amazing things to offer, you don’t have to spend a lot to find something that will be a small gesture to say Thank you or I Love You.
Estella Bartlett Bee Necklace £18
Estella Bartlett offer a lovely variety of bracelets, necklaces and rings covering various prices ranges. I have a couple of these and love them.

Coffee Table Books.
I personally love a coffee table book. They work as a great home accessory and they are fun to flick through when you find yourself with a quiet 5 minutes and a cup of tea (it would make a great pairing with one of the mugs I have mentioned for a gift)
These are my two favourites at the minute;
Nasty Galaxy RRP £20
Living with Pattern RRP £28

Home fragrance is really important to me particularly as I have two boys in the house! Im pretty sure most mums will appreciate a pleasantly scented diffuser.
The White Company Seychelles Diffuser £27

Quality skincare products are such a treat and I think they are one of the best gifts. Obviously skincare routines and skin types can make this a tricky gift, but if you know what the lady in your life likes, then just buy her that. It may seem boring, but I assure you she won’t be disappointed.
Myreen Young Organic Skin Care
Myreen Young offers a gorgeous variety of organic skincare which I was introduced to by my Mother in law and it has really helped to improve my skin.

Mum related gifts.
Im usually not a huge fan of gifts with Mum related slogans plastered on them. However, I pretty much love every item from these two shops; Both very quirky and both independent businesses.
Maman Sweater £50
Mere Long Sleeve £28

Edible Treats
They never get old, they are always appreciated, keep them coming, that is all you need to know.
Here’s a few favourites;
Charbonnel Hot Chocolate
Funky Flavoured Tea
Sparkling Wine

Hopefully this list is helpful to anyone looking for ideas.
Always remember to get your mum a card, nothing is more important than a little handwritten note to say thanks for being a wicked Mama.

Alice (Mama Lawts)



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