People’s Opinions


I have always been that person who cares what people think, although since having a baby I care a lot less. I am one of the lucky ladies who actually felt pretty empowered after giving birth. It made me realise what is actually important in life,  and what’s certainly not important is people’s mis-informed opinions of you.

I have never been overly liked by people. I’m bluntly honest, I laugh at everything and everyone.. including myself, I really struggle to pretend to like people that I don’t and I swear a lot. I am basically, completely marmite. I’m not even sure I would be friends with me if I met me. Its a lovely feeling to be liked, but it doesn’t break my heart if I know that I am not.

I have really enjoyed my time blogging so far, I have made some fantastic connections which I wouldnt have without it. For years I have used instagram to document, celebrate and share my life events. My Instagram is a pretty place, its not a particularly honest place, it only reflects a certain side of my life which can be seen in tiny squares. My blog is a place where I can air the (sometimes ugly) honest, truth. I started blogging to reach out more towards people like myself, a lot of my friends still havent had children and there was a definite void that needing filling. I also started getting a lot of questions on Instagram, usually regarding the work we have done on our home and I felt that a blog would be the ideal place to share a bit more information than you can in a tiny instagram square. For me social media is a positive place about sharing ideas and supporting similarly minded people.

Recently I started recieving negative, passive aggressive, personal comments on this blog which is something I haven’t really expereinced before with Instagram. I just want to put it out there that anything that comes across in that way will be deleted. I’m not sure if its just cheap thrills to try and get a response, or something else, but basically it doesnt bother me and there is just no place for it here.

I am by no means an excellent writer or editor, I have no experience in writing a blog, before starting this one. It is something that has not been written in a certain way, not proof read, not sensored, not cleverly edited, almost like an open diary and that is what makes a blog so charming to read.

I see the blogging community as a positive sharing space, not a place for personal insults. There’s nothing worse than a bully.



2 thoughts on “People’s Opinions

  1. hi there, just popped in from insta… i’ve had a blog for years and occasionally you get the silly people that think that because you put yourself out there you’re fair game… you have the right attitude, it’s their problem not yours. Be yourself and talk about what you want, nobody forces them to read it, right?

    Be happy.


    1. Hi,

      I recognised your blog name from insta straight away. I quite often find myself swooning over your quilts’!

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I don’t understand what result these mean people are hoping for, or why they believe their opinions are so significant.
      I write my blog for myself more than anything and as you say, no one is forcing them to read it!


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