Wardrobe Transition to SS17

Do not get me wrong I absolutely love Winter, but I think its really difficult to feel like I’m on trend for the entire season. There is only so many statement coats and scarves one person can have, and by March all of the wintery clothes just seem tired and boring. I even get to the point where I am looking forward to needing to shave my legs! The nicer weather definitely encourages me to look after myself a bit more. It is always an exciting time when the evenings get lighter, the days get warmer and you dont have to wear a big coat anymore!

Yesterday I walked into town in a shirt and jeans and even though it was breezy I was comfortably warm. The warmer weather certainly seems to alter my mind set, it encourages me to spend more time outside of the house and get a bit more exercise in and just generally to be more productive, so thats an added bonus!

I’ve chosen a few items to bring my wardrobe up to date, some of which I have bought and some of which are still on my wish list. Im trying to be a bit more grown up with my clothes buying recently mostly because I am running out of space to keep my clothes.

Pink Frill Shirt Asos £25
Frill Stripe Top Asos £18
Gingham Bardot Dress Matalan £12
Blue Ruffle Vest Matalan £12
Cosy Lightweight Top Urban Outfitters £29
Gingham Skirt Topshop £39
Diamond Print Skirt M&S £29.50
Shirt Dress Monki £30
Suede Lilac Converse Office £59.99
Suede Loafer Cara £75.00
Blue Mini Satchel River Island £24.00

Hopefully this picks will help to inspire your SS17 wardrobe!

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