Kids Bedroom Storage Stress


I struggle to find things that are practical which I actually liked to go in Patrick’s bedroom. He is only 18 months so He isnt going to be careful with anything so it cannot be too precious, but the thought of plastic storage tubs is so upsetting.
If you ask me plastic is not fantastic! And that goes for all of those bulbus, noisy toys that need batteries just so that they can be irritating. I am a huge fan of wooden traditional toys, mostly because they are lovely to look at, and luckily so is little Patrick. He never gets bored of building blocks, stacking rings, his walker/trolley, puzzles and pull along toys.

My view is that we didnt spend lots of time, effort and money renovating the house to then go and fill it with crap we dont like so I am very particular which sometimes gets on Dan’s nerves, but even He admits that paying attention to all the details in each room makes a big difference to the overall feel of the house (…obviously I had to point that out to him in the first place, but the point is, that He can appreciate the difference).

I love to have bright colours in his little bedroom, different colours  and textures helpn with their development when they are tiny so its pretty important. The walls are painted in Laura Ashley wall paint in a lovely fresh green colour. His carpet is a pale beige colour and his bed is a pale cream colour so the main staples of the room are pale. Its nice to have a pop of colour and I particularly like to do this using his toys, then it can be changed around easily enough. He has some beautiful wooden toys that look great in his room. I try and hide certain toys away and let him play with other ones and then occassionally switch it all around, which he loves. He doesnt get bored too easily that way and it means we don’t have hundreds of toys lingering around all at once so its easier to tidy.

He mainly has wood in his bedroom so I have been looking for a metal storage solution for a while to add a bit of contrast. I discovered this metal oval bucket in Morrisons supermarket in the gardening section. Its a great size and he seems to enjoy throwing all of the toys out and then putting them all back in. I think if he gets on well with this one I will get a slightly bigger one in a galvanized steel from a garden centre.

Whilst I have been keeping my eyes peeled for ideas I came across  which I cannot  recommened enough for vintage up-cycled furniture and storage solutions for kids. I am very interested in their Maggie.
I also found this metal basket and round basket both of which I thought could be great storage for some tiny clothes, toys or bath products and creams.

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