Diet Day 1


By the end of my pregnancy I had gained 10kg, which is a lot for someone who normally weighs around 50kg who has never put a lot of weight on. Luckily most of it came off naturally within the first couple of months of giving birth. 18 months on and I am a 56kg less lean version of my former self  with wider hips. To be honest I am pretty happy with my current figure. My hips are rounder, by belly is slightly rounder.. basically everything is curvier and softer. Except for my boobs. My boobs are.. longer?!
I think a Mum bod can be sexy just like a Dad bod, you just need flattering clothes. Im not looking to make any drastic changes to my body, just slim down enough to get my old jeans on. I am far too sentimental to go throwing my favourite clothes out!

So yesterday was day 1 of diet, I installed a calorie counting app and everything, my ‘Fit Diary’. Yep, that is right, Im one of those irritating people who runs their life around an app now! I hate those people too, BUT I am the kinda gal that needs to see facts and figures to keep me motivated. If I have eaten like a skinny person all day and by the end of it I am not ‘skinny’ then really, why did I bother?!
I need instant gratification and I think seeing what calories I have burned and what my intake was is a good way of reassuirng myself that I am making progress. I don’t really care if the figures arent completely accurate, its just a kind of ball park figure thing. For example, I ate a giant cookie yesterday and didn’t own up to the app about it.We will see how it goes anyway, I think my problem will be making sure I find the time to input my calorie intake and if I do find time to do it, will I remember everything I have eaten, will i be honest? Probably not. But I am trying.

I dont like the idea of low fat, low carb, low sugar, low whatever diets. I am eating whatever I would like just with more portion control, less naughty snacks, more healthy snacks. I am crazy for carbs so I am still eating them but I am just keeping them in check for once! Less alcohol and sweet treats will make the most difference I think. I have a mental sweet tooth. More exercise will definitely help me.

I will keep my blog updated and get some before and after photos etc, because who doesn’t love to see a chubby person in a sports bra transform into a fitness model.

6 thoughts on “Diet Day 1

  1. I went from 10 stone to 15 stone when I was pregnant and I ate super healthy all the way through. I got it all off again but my body is NOT the same at all lol. I wish I looked as good as you post baby! Be proud mama you look fab! X


  2. Thank you lovely. To be honest I didnt eat super healthily because I was quite nauseous so I only ate foods that were really appealing, which tended to be naughty carbs, so I am luckily I didnt put more weight on than I did. I just need to slim down a tiny bit and I will much way happier! xx


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