Senspa Detox Bath Salts

WP_20170323_19_24_43_RichYesterday I came home from work feeling so exhausted and stressed, which fortunately is a rarity. I just had a never ending list of bits to get through and didnt make enough time to eat or drink so I was hangry and headachey and miserable.

The little one was in bed at 6:30pm so I was able to treat myself to a lovely long bath after dinner. I love the idea of a bath and I always tell myself Im going to have one, but I end up in the shower because I cant be bothered to run a bath and a shower is so much quicker when you have other things to do.
It felt like such a treat, I had no other plans so I could really enjoy it in peace.

I used these Senspa Detox Bath Salts exclusive to Waitrose for the first time which Dan had treated me to as a Mother’s Day gift. I noticed them in Waitrose a little while ago and had a little read of the ingredients and thought they looked lovely. It was such a nice surprise to arrive home to a couple of early Mother’s Day gifts and it added a little bit of luxury to my ‘Me’ time.

I have to say I am in love with these bath salts after one use. My main complaint about my skin is that it is always fairly dry and I don’t always get time to have a full body moisturise after a shower or bath like I did before the little one came along. Its an amazing time saver to be able to wash in something that will also moisterise my skin, but not leave it feeling oily. The high natural salt content is supposed to help your body’s natural moisture levels. My skin felt very nourished when I got out of the bath not tight at all and a couple of rough patches of skin that I had noticed beforehand felt soft afterwards. Even this morning my skin still felt beautifully soft and not at all dry so I am one happy lady.

The smell of the essential oils is incredible. Im a huge fan of the natural, herbal scented products, nothing too perfumed and synthetic. The bath salts are scented with essential oils of sweet orange, lime and rosemary. The combination is fresh and relaxing and left my skin subtly scented.

My whole body felt so relaxed afterwards my headache and the tension around my shoulders and neck had eased off. I came out of the bathroom feeling a lot happier than I was when I went in.
I will definitely continue to use these salts for the occasional bath, particularly when I am going through a dry skin spell.
They are currently on offer at Waitrose, but even at full price, I feel that for the quality of the proudct justifies the higher price.

Anyone else have any go to products for moisterising the skin whilst in the bath or shower??

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