In My Shoes

From my experience it seems that only people with bunions have ever heard of the word, and some of these people don’t know what it actually means. For something that is so common in both men and women it is not spoken about often. It is actually a deformity in the joint of the big toe which causes it to point towards the other toes rather than straight. This causes the the first metatarsal to buldge outwards and over time its gets more extreme. It can be painful condition and can’t even stop a person who suffers with it being able to walk comfortably.

Im not sure if bunions are hereditary, but I know my Gran has them, my Mum has them and so does one of my sisters and I. So I imagine its likely that it is genetic. My Mum had a pretty major operation this week to remove a bunion from one of her feet and it got me thinking about my own and any preventative measures I can take well I am young. She had one on both feet but one of them was particularly painful and it got to the point where she could hardly walk. Im hoping I may be able to prevent needing an operation or at least put it off longer. I fortunately only have a bunion on one of my feet, the other is completely fine.

The general advice for this condition is to not wear high heels too often because it puts too much pressure on the ball of the foot. I experience a terrible ache in my one foot that is affected when I have been stood in heels for a while, even walking in flat shoes for a long period gives me an odd pulling sensation in my foot. Im not a huge fan of sky scraper heels which is pretty fortunate. I know Victoria Beckham made it into the news because she had to start wearing flat shoes where her feet were affected by bunions. I think hers may have actually been caused by constantly wearing heels (but i could be wrong).


In order to realign my toe I have this rather fetching Gel toe separator. This little gel friend is a god send. As you can see it helps to position my big toe so its straight, rather than slanting to the left, which helps to prevent a lot of discomfort. After I take it out its quite painful where my toe moves back to its natural position! yuck.
The only problem is, its fine to wear it in the winter when I have socks and boots on and things. But, not only do I not want to wear it with open toe shoes, i also find it moves and can fall out if i dont have sock or a tight shoe on. Glamorous, I know!

I am just wondering if there are any other methods out there I can use over summer to help my foot. I dont want to un-do all the good work I have done with a toe separator over winter, but I dont think I have much of an option… socks with sandles?!! no, thanks.

Im not even sure if all of the measures I take to look after my foot whilst I am young will benefit me at all in 40 years. This could be an absolute time waster, but it wont make it worse, so may as well try! Anything to avoid surgery and having my foot in bandages for 2 months.

Does anyone else suffer with bunions or have any tips on treating them?? I would love to know!

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