Child Free Days

Its not often you will find me without my little side kick, I love spending time with him and watching him experience new things and so does his Dad. But, every so often it is nice to just not have to worry about him. This weekend He went to cattle country with a close family friend so Dan and I could relax. I find that if I am ever child-free and at home, (which almost never happens), I try to use my time wisely and be productive with housework and whatever DIY project we have going on, I never just relax and enjoy it.

The difference this weekend was that Dan and I had made plans to go out together for the day and what a great day it was. We were outside at a bike event so got to make the most of the beautiful weather, it was busy and noisy, so not ideal for having a toddler with you. You don’t realise it until you get a moment when youre child free, but everything is so much easier. No having to entertain anyone constantly, planning the next nappy change, fitting in a nap time and endless emergency snacks in the handbag! It almost felt like we had stepped back in time strangely, I had a really care free attitude all day and it was fantastic. I think we were able to just take off our parent hats and relax because we knew the little man was in good hands. It really boosted my mood having a great day surrounded by adults and I even got to enjoy a pint. what more could I ask for.

Obviously you can’t really take a day off from being a parent, so the whole time we were occassionally wondering what the little one was up to and it was great to be home to see him and hear what he had been up to all day.

I am already looking forward to switching off on our next baby free day, which isn’t till July, but its nice to have something to look forward to and I think it is really important for me as a person who is not just a Mum.

Do you make a point of having time alone without your little ones? Is it important to have a life outside of motherhood?

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