Current Wardrobe picks…

I have recently treated myself to a few new bits of clothing. I am trying to be braver and wear more colour and pattern. This winter i realised all of my clothes are more or less the same, how boring! Spring and Summer is the perfect time to experiment with colour and pattern. These are a few of the bits which have caught my eye recently.

Monki Dark Blue Jeans
–  I cannot recommend Monki Jeans enough. They are great quality, they wash really nicely, I have washed this dark blue pair a handful of times so far and they have not lost any of the colour. They also fit beautifully. I love top shop jeans but when they say skinny they really mean it!! I struggle to get them over my thighs and bum. These jeans have just enough stretch so that they fit comfortably.

Monki Pastel Lilac Top
Monki Pink Cross Over Top
– I think pastel colours are beautiful. They are effortlessly feminine.

UO Rainbow Stripe Top
– I love all the 90s looks that are around at the minute. I think it was a great time for kitsch fashion (not that we knew it back then!). I am getting into these sporty tops with a band of stripes across the chest and arms. It reminds me of an old Fila top I used to like.

Lace Bell Sleeve Blouse
– Who doesnt love a bell sleeve, I mean really!

Embroidered Top
– I have to admit I hated anything with floral embroidery up until about a month ago. It always reminded me of a nine year old girls ugly jeans, it still does, but I have grown to love it.

Gingham Skirt
– Ive always appreciated gingham and Im so glad its back. Theres just something so classy and summery about it (apart from school summer dresses). When you watch old films from the 50s and 60s you quite often see women in gingham summer skirts and dresses crop up and they look amazing. I remember my mum and older sisters wearing gingham when I was little.. Pedal Pushers, Trouser Suits, Dresses, Shoes, You name it!
This skirt particularly caught me eye because of the ruffles, they make your outfit more interesting add a bit more curve to your sillouhette.

Animal Print Skirt
– Because you can never have enough!!!!!!

Embroidered Sandals
– Again with the embroidery. These are gorgeous.

Suede Tassle Sandals
– Im a big fan of tassles, suede and blue so obviously I frickin love theses.

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