Easter Weekend Styling

I have never really bought into the idea of Easter decorations and celebrating in the way  people do at Christmas. But, since Patrick was born I have been making a lot more effort to celebrate all of the seasonal events, I want him to grow up looking forward to all of the various activities we do and family traditions that we have at these times.

My memories of Easter as a child is having two weeks off school which was always exciting and eating chocolate Easter eggs… again, always exciting! But I don’t remember doing things like egg hunts or having a nice lunch on Easter sunday. Im sure I did do these things but they just arent memorable. I think as a parent all you want to do is try your best to fill your little ones childhood with memories that will always hold onto. Its a huge part of their identity and sense of family.

This year Patrick is more aware of whats going on, He definitely knows its an exciting time. We have been baking together, doing Easter themed crafts, he has been lucky enough to have some Easter eggs (the best part about those for him is the colourful packaging and having something to open) and We have had a day or so out of the usual work and nursery routine where He has had my full attention. Next Easter He will be 2 and a half so I will definitely up my Easter decoration and activities game compared to this year.

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Easter Styling

My Easter-ness this year has been fairly subtle, my styling is all done around the kitchen area and dining table as this is where we spend the majority of our time. I love tulips and they are one of the first things that springs to mind when I think of Easter time so we have had them dotted around the house, our Easter table had a pastel/floral theme this year so the tulips fitted in perfectly with my table theme. I have the most beautiful floral crockery that I inherited from my other half’s Grandma, which I like to use on special occasions through Spring and Summer. We also have another set with burnt orange, red and yellow roses and leaves which is perfect for Autumn/Winter.

When you constantly drink tea and eat snacks the crockery you are using can have a real impact on your home styling. When your cups and plates are on point it just really perks you up… like that feeling you get when your underwear set matches (which is rare for me!!). I used a beautiful cake stand (also inherited) to display our Easter treats, I think the stand really completes the table for lunches and afternoon teas and its just too pretty to not have on display.  I used an LSA International – Pearl vase as the centre piece for the pastel theme. I love how the light reflects of this vase, depending on the light it sometimes pink, green, blue even yellow like a soap bubble.

WP_20170414_10_19_48_Pro (2)

We used floral egg cups from Joules to display our painted eggs with our initials on for place settings, the egg painting is my favourite bit! Patrick is more into destroying things than decorating them at the moment. The place setting makes it more fun for the little ones (and big ones) to find their seats around the table. I used this set of cookie cutters to make biscuits in the shape of an Easter egg, a rabbit, a duck and a lamb which Patrick loved to help with, we also used sugar pearls to decorate them and engrave our initials and patterns into the biscuits before baking. We made unbaked ‘Egg Nests’ (chocolate corn flake cakes topped with Mini Eggs), Patrick loved helping to mix the two ingredients and He placed the mini eggs on top, which is frankly the most important part.

I made a lamb tagine from The Body Coach for dinner which I convinced my other half is a Moroccan twist on an Easter classic.. the only thing Easter about it was the lamb and it was delicious! We had my other half at home with us more than usual so around seeing our relatives we were able to go out for a lovely lunch just the three of us. We usually go swimming first thing on a Sunday morning but as it was closed we went across town to what is quite possibly the best park in the world to anyone under 10, so that was a big hit with little Patrick.

How did you celebrate Easter this year? I would love to know any traditions you have?

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