The Bottle of Sauce

Following on from my blog about eating out with children it seemed appropriate to give my review of The Bottle of Sauce pub in Cheltenham which has recently opened. I have visited The Bottle of Sauce in the evenings and I can say it is eaqually as fun. We had great service at the bar with extremely patient staff, quirky music and an inviting atmousphere, so I was keen to go back in the day time for food.We decided to go for lunch on Easter Monday as a nice way to finished off the Easter weekend together and we were not dissapointed!

I think the word ‘pub’ is a pretty general term now and can be applied to up market bars that don’t appreciate kid, restaurants and the traditional, old school country pub. I personally love a proper country pub with a  short simple menu full of decent food, so good your Gran could have made it in her kitchen. No ponsy drinks menu, just a well stocked bar with a fantastic array of beer, cider, lager and spirits. You order your food and pay at the bar so no waiting around to be noticed by a waiter. Most importantly this type of pub has an anyone is welcome policy including dogs which only adds to the atmousphere. This is most definitely the feeling I got from The Bottle of Sauce, which you don’t usually get in a town centre pub. I love the rustic, urban decor and low level lighting, theres nothing worse than clinical decor to make you feel on edge, particularly with a toddler in tow.


We all ordered different burgers which were cooked to absolute perfection. I dont usually eat the bun the burger comes in because it can be dry and difficult to enjoy but these were super soft and tasty. The meat was very flavoursome and juicy. My burger had bacon and lettuce in both of which were beautifully crisp and fresh which made the perfect marriage with the tender burger. We had sides of sweet potatoe fries and rosemary and seasalt fries which were crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside. What more could you want really?!

The staff were friendly, helpful and attentive, as soon as we walked in a member of staff cleaned and prepared an empty table for us. Our son tried to pick pocket the tea towel out of the bartenders pocket (probably thought it was a muslin) who had a nice little chat with him. The little one then waved at absolutely everyone and said hello to a dog the size of a cow, our kid can charm the socks off of anyone in his path.

It was great to sit down, relax and chat over some delicious food in an environment that appeared to soak up the noise and fuss that a toddler can make without drawing any attention to us or ‘tutting’. I hate paying to eat out if I feel like I havent had the best experience, its just really dissapointing when eating out as a family is rare treat. We could not fault our experience at The Bottle of Sauce, every part of the food and service was superb! I am already looking forward to going back for more.

(For the parents: they do have highchairs and baby changing facilities)

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