Are 2’s really that terrible?!


As if over night we have gone from having the most well behaved, calm baby boy to a little ball of terror (its not quite that bad, but it is pretty irritating).

When He woke up Monday morning I knew something was different about him but couldnt really pin point what. He just woke up singing to a different tune all of a sudden. Usually we both relax in the lounge together first thing and he is happy to have some milk, play with puzzles and look in his books whilst I do my make up. On Monday he was just constantly fighting for my attention and purposely doing things he knows we say ‘no too. Grabbing ornaments and throwing them, screaming, stamping feet and flailing his arms around in an attempt to slap me. Monday was a stressful day.

The same on Tuesday morning whilst we waited for his Nanna to arrive and take over so I could get to work. I was relieved to get to work.

The same on Wednesday. We went into town to meet a friend. He didnt want to sit in the pushchair, he didn’t want to walk either so He had a very public lay down and scream on the pavement. Wouldnt eat his lunch. I even packed about 5 different options of food just incase he turned his nose up and he refused it all. He had a ball with him that he decided to lob at people from the pushchair on our way home.

The same yesterday, He had a dentist appointment, he has 16 teeth now! He had a meltdown at the dentist because he hates the masks they wear, so the dentist almost had to exorcise the demons from him just so she could count those toothy pegs (fortunately his Dad took him).

Safe to say He has been the same all week. Just an independant Pat. A law unto himself.

He cries because he wants his cup. He cries because you give him his cup. He cries because you take the cup away.

I have no idea who this boy is, but he isnt mine! haha.

I have no idea how to cope with such a challenging child, because I have never had one before. He is only 19 months, so I am hoping this is a brief stage, otherwise I will be counting down the days until he starts school and most probably necking lots of wine.

Wish me luck!

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