New Look Sandals

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Im so pleased with my new shoes I just had to share!
As Ive mentioned before I have a bunion on my left foot so my feet are slightly different shapes which is the most troublesome issue when youre buying shoes. Shoes are one of the few things I am happy to splurge on. I only buy shoes I really like and am happy to commit to on a long-term basis. Im in it for the long haul and I am happy to pay the price for quality, so I rarely buy from local high street retailers.

The past couple of times I have been abroad I bought some great leather shoes that have stood the test of time, shoes and handbags are more reasonably priced in other European countries (I can still say ‘other’ cant I?! We arent Brexit yet… dont get me started on that shite).

So all of this considered you’ll be surprised to know I came across my new sandals from New Look on ASOS webite. They were a bargain at £17.99, the upper is completely suede so its really soft and will stretch to fit round my feet as I wear them. I like that they cross over the whole foot, I dont really like having straps between my toes.They are a lovely tan colour but they also come in white and I was really torn between the two. I decided tan goes with almost anything so they were the best option and my feet are pretty white at the minute so they will probably just blend in with the white ones!

I only wish they came in a metallic colour, I really like a gold or silver sho to brighten things up and they look great against tanned skin. They are definitely worth investing in if youre looking for this kind of sandal or struggle to find comfortable shoes in the summertime.

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