The luxuries I can’t live without


I really like to keep things as simple as possible. It helps me to keep a clear head if I feel like everything is in order. My house isn’t cluttered with stuff. I constantly try to downsize my wardrobe. I try not to hoard too much. I don’t even have many apps on my phone! I am a strong believer that if your life revolves around too many material belongings its almost unhealthy. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping and I love stuff, but I think there’s a definite limit, for me there is anyway.

I’ve been thinking about what things I would be miserable without (other than the essentials; food, water, shelter, employment and my family) and have narrowed it down to this little list of basics:

  1. smartphone
  2. cups of tea
  3. concealer and blusher
  4. moisturiser
  5. scented candles
  6. comfortable underwear
  7. pyjamas
  8. day trips
  9. take away
  10. sunglasses
  11. vodka and prosecco

I have no idea what that list says about me but it gave me a great sense of achievement to of actually sat down and really thought about what little luxuries make me happy!


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