Healthier Living (after Easter weekend)

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The chocolate onslaught that is Easter is over. I have no excuses anymore!

I enjoy exercise but the thought of it isn’t always appealing and I’m basically just not one of those people who can push themselves past that. If you want results you need to be consistent and I do definitely want results, but consistency is my problem. I quite often avoid doing things in life that I don’t want to do and exercise is the perfect example. Even when I am in the mood to exercise on my days off it has to fit around Patrick and his needs.

I have a relatively passive lifestyle. I’m quite often sat at my desk at work, I do walking, gardening and housework but I never get to push myself, so it is definitely something I need to make time for. Sometimes I wish I was a bloody brickie just so I could hit two birds with one stone and burn a few cals on the job, but its just not my scene. I have decided that now the weather is getting nicer I will get off my fat arse on my days off and go running with the little man in the pushchair.

He loves it when I run with the pushchair, he definitely thinks I have either lost it or am fleeing a crime scene, but either way he is happy to come along for the 5 minute ride. Yes 5 minutes! That’s right. Embarrassing I know but that’s all my lungs can handle for now, so I run in short powerful bursts (picture Phoebe Buffet in Friends!). At least its a start and its a simple way to burn some calories whilst also being a super mum of course.

I see glam looking mums jogging around Cheltenham, with their off-road prams that are far superior to my car. The place is full of them. I have come to the conclusion that these ladies rent the baby in the pram to run with so it appears like they’re winning at life and it gives them a buddy to jog with. Or, that they have a nanny at home that does everything so that they can leave the house with the child appearing like they have everything under control.

All I know so far is if you’re a Mum you can’t also have perfectly painted nails, impeccable hair, flawless skin, a tight arse, the most expensive running shoes and a well behaved, groomed child.

Myself and my other half have also started to give yoga a go a few evenings a week. I used to love it when I was 15 and did ballet, silly old me thought I would just fall straight back into it like the Stretch Armstrong I am… Well, you know, I have my old friend Mr Muscle Memory and all that, right?! WRONG. I have never felt so rigid, weak and inflexible in all my god damn life! So I am sure its going to do me some good. Before you know it I will be a head standing, downward dogging, cobra posing Wizard.

Well anyway, I will keep you posted with updates of project Fitbod.


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