Inside my Make-Up Bag

For the first time in my make up wearing life I have several products that have become staples for ‘my face’.
I love trying out new products and I am always looking for an underrated bargain, so unless I have become emotionally attached to a certain piece of make up I would usually replace it for something else each time. You definitely have to try out plenty of products to find the ones that suit your skin type best. I only really thought about it the other day but I have been buying the same brand of a few products for a while now,  that must mean they are good, so I needed to share them (this is going to be a long post)

This is just my day to day make up bag, oviously I have another box of other make up thats too disco for daily wear but, if I am ever in a Banarama tribute band I have peace of mind that my face will be on point.

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1. Make-up Revolution Eye Shadow in shades ‘Finally..’ and ‘Mountains of Gold’ £1
I buy this time and time again and quite literally wear it every day. At £1 a pop you cant go wrong. These are some of the best eye shadows I have used. I use an eyelid primer with them and by the time I have got home from work the shadow looks exactly as it did when I left the house. It is very pigmented and just generally feels like a high quality product. I quite often use the ‘Finally…’ shade as a highligher on my cheekbones.
The only bad thing is that the packaging is cheap, brittle plastic so the clips and hinges tend to crack and eventually come off. But for £1 each, I really do not mind.

2. Collection Eyebrow Kit – Brunette £3.99
This is the first time I have bought this particular eyebrow kit, but it suits my colouring perfectly so I already know I will replace it with the same again when the time comes. I have been using this oneeveryday for about 6 months now and as you can see there is still plenty of each colour powder left. It comes with a handy little brush that I wash out most days, it dries within about 30 minutes so its worth it to stop the shadows getting contaminated. It also comes with a tiny clear mascara which is super strong so great for setting them in place if you need your look to last. I literally have no complaints about this product (other than my toddler threw it across the room so the lid doesnt fit back on the pallet correctly anymore!)

3. Max Factor Colour Elixir Gloss 30 Captivating Ruby £1.99-£10.99
People seem to fall into two categories ‘Lipstick Wearer’ or ‘Lipgloss Wearer’ and there doesn’t seem to be many of us in between. I am more of a lip balm wearer, I usually have quite dramatic eye make up so that combined with a dramatic lip is quite frankly, too much drama for one face. On days where I have more subtle eye make up I really like a red matte lipstick or a wet shine gloss. I find this elixir gloss very easy to wear, it can last a couple of hours if I havent been eating and drinking and it doesnt end up all over my face like most glosses. It leaves my lips feeling really nicely condition as well.

4. Clinique Pep-start Eye cream £17-£22
This eye crem is quite honestly a miracle worker. Its only the past year or so I have noticed my under eye area being slighter darker and more wrinkled. I always use this Pep-start cream before putting make up on and I think it really reduces the puffiness under my eyes where I have just woken up. It is very lightweight and seems to go far. It definitely helps to prepare the area for make up and stops my conceiler from creasing into my granny wrinkles. It is quite a luxury item, but as a little goes a long way you can buy smaller sample tubes of it for around £7, ideal for popping in your handbag.

5. Too Faced Shadow Insurance £17
I cannot recommend this more as a shadow primer! I have tried cheaper and more expensive alternatives and this is the ultimate one for me. The packaging that mine is in is the old version because it has lasted me that long they have re-designed it since. You need the tiniest squeeze to get enough to wipe over one lid. It works brilliantly with the shadows I wear. Definitely worth investing in.

6. Stay Dont Stray EyeShadow and Concealer Primer  £22
Iuse this product to prime areas for conceiler. I occassionally struggle with blemishes and have pigmentation and this product smooths the area and helps conceiler to stay put. I have used it for about 6 years now. As I only use it on ocassional blemishes it really does last a long time. I would definitely recommend it if you have to use concealer on a lot of areas.

7. Clinique Lid Pop – 03 cocoa £15
My mum bought me this shadow along with a few other Cliniqie cosmetics, it not something I usually treat myself to, but I will be buying this eye shadow again for sure. Its so silky and blends in so well that you almost cant tell its powder. It leaves you with a really flawless finish. I love this Cocoa colour I have blue/grey eyes so it makes them stand out without being too obvious, I use it to line along the bottom lashes when I want a more subtle look.
WP_20170422_10_59_53_Rich (2)

8. Clinique Chubby Lash Mascara – Colour- Jumbo Jet  £17.50
This is one of the clinique items my Mum bought me at Christmas. Previously I had been using a Benefit mascara, but I prefer this one. The packaging and wand are very similar between the two brands but I find the product itself is slightly better with the Clinique mascara. I always curl my eyelashes and the mascara seems to have more staying power and keeps them nicely curled for longer. It doesnt crubled and end up half way down my face either.

9. The Pore Professional Primer £26
This primer is great for those days where my pores on my cheeks are looking particularly pronounces. It makes skin look noticeably smoother, however, if I put make up over the top it doesnt last well and can sometimes highlight my pores so I tend not to put any foundation over the top of it, which kind of defeats the point of a primer. I think it is a pretty expensive product considering I dont like to put make up over the top of it, however, I havent managed to find another primer that softens the look of my pores yet!

10. Make up Revolution Foundation/BB Cream- now discontinued
I have been using this foundation for about 3 years so I am upset that it has been discontinued. Im still mourning from where I didnt get closure! I am keeping my eyes peeled for something else similar.

11. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair 01 £4.99
Absolutely, without a doubt the best cream conceailer I have used. It gives great coverages and sets with a matte finish quickly so its easy to but a second layer on. I really struggle keeping blemishes covered throughout the day but using this with a primer underneath works perfectly. I have struggled with blemishes for 16 years now and have tried most conceilers out there and this is certainly the one I am sticking with!

12. 2true Liquid Eyeliner – Black £3
I only ever use budget liquid eyeliners because I find they are a bit tougher and stay put which is essential unless you want wonky wings!!
I like the brush on this one, not too flimsy so you can apply a decent amount of pressure to get the line exactly as you want it. Im not married to this product, but it is good.

13. Make up Revolution Blusher – Beloved £3
This is the first blusher I have found that perfectly suits my pale skin. Most blushers end up looking red or orangey against my skin, but this one is a lovely bright pink! Im still using the first of this product that I have ever bought and it seems to be lasting forever not bad for £3.

14. Make Up Revolution Pro Illuminate Highlighter  £4
I love a bit of highlighter but once again against my pale skin they can look a bit to orangey and sometimes it can look very ‘caked’ on. This highlighter is a cool, light tone of gold and can be put on lightly or built up. Its super pigmented so deflects light beautifully off your face. I actually like using it when I have no foundation on to brighten my natural skin. I have used budget and higher end cream highlighters but I definitely get the best results from this one!

15. Rimmel Match perfection Fix and Perfect Primer £6.99
My most favourite primer of absolute all time, ever was Rimmel Stay Matte primer which has been discontinued because they are crazy. This is the next best I have found, not quite as mattifying, but not far off and it helps to hide pores a littles and cover any tiny acne scars I have so I cant complain really. I wear SPF50 sun lotion under my make up every day which is quite heavy and can make my face look shiny and this primer completely resolves any issues my sunscreen causes which I think is pretty impressive!

We’ve finally made it to the end!
Thank you if you managed to stick with it the whole way through!

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