Style it Dark

After a lot of decision making and many pink samples of paint later we finally got to paint our hallway.. in Denim Drift by Dulux! Couldnt be further from pink if we tried.
I absolutely love pink walls but I had the exact colour pink that I wanted in mind and it just doesn’t exist anywhere. I kept finding myself looking at dark styling online and checking out the dark paint every time we were in a DIY shop.

I finally chose Denim Drift. I didn’t want grey because the bathroom is a medium grey colour and I didnt want to have the same anywhere else. I also didn’t want it too black or navy either because its a small space that can feel very closed in and dark when the doors are shut. I decided on Denim Drift because I can’t put my finger on what colour it actually is, in different lights it changes from pale grey, medium blue, dark blue and dark grey and I think thats why I like it. It also doesnt remind me of anything else I have seen before which is a huge bonus.

We have a slate floor with white satin skirting and architraves and then the doors are solid stained wood so there is a nice contrast of colour that seems to let the walls and floors stand out more. I really like dark styled hallways and I am really chuffed with the result we got from ours.


I would definitely recommend being brave and going for it if you’re not sure!

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