Coffee Table Book Style


I have a secret love affair with coffee table books. Since studying Art and having various art and fashion books to flick through as a teenager they have just become part of my life. I cant really imagine my home without them. I rarely look in them, but they’re there if I want to. It’s more about how they work as an accessory on the shelf or table, they add a little pop of colour and a bit more interest to what otherwise might be an empty, plain space.

I love that it is possible to get these appealing little books to cover pretty much any interest you may have; space, nature, fashion, sports, history, art, business, photography, you name it, so they make excellent gifts too!!

Around this time of year you tend to see a lot of them in shops. I’ve never considered them a spring/summer seasonal accessory but this does seem to be a good time of year to find new books. Urban Outfitters and Oliver Bonas always seem ahead of the game with their book selection so they are a great place to start looking if you’re not sure what youre looking for.

These are my favourites that I currently have at home if you need some inspiration;


The Art Book

The Fashion Book

The 20th Century Art Book

The Photo Book

Barcelona City Guide

Complete Series of 50 Fashion Looks

Wall and Piece

Pop Art

The London Fashion Book

500 Hidden Secrets of London

Nasty Galaxy

As you can probably tell there’s a definite art and fashion theme going on with my books. I would like a few more travel books that cover Europe and then I would like to get one or two on Palm Springs and Vegas. Theres a few social media books around that look good at the minute, instagram is my favourite so I would quite like one on social media branding and styling, and maybe a couple of house plant/botanical books… not sure where I would put them all though!

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