Choosing a Floor Type

We have spent the past two years renovating and decorating our home, so I have a lot of recent experience of choosing home furnishings. I also work within a flooring design company so, I have this thing with floors.


We have just bought this green sofa, its quite striking so I am trying to find a floor that works well with the colour.


We have carpet in the bedrooms, both a soft twist pile, man made and easy to clean. I do really like wool carpets especially all of the loop pile designs but they aren’t very practical if you have pets and kids because they just don’t clean up as easily. The man made saxony carpets are a lot softer than ones with a high wool content so they just feel a bit more luxury which is ideal for bedrooms, snugs and lounges. Wool carpets are hardwearing, and that goes for any other natural fibre carpet (sisal etc), they’re ideal for stairs and landings but the are a more expensive option.

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There are various brands of laminate out there, some are far better quality than others so its worth doing some research. The Quick Step brand is highly recommended. Contrary to popular belief laminate is harder than wood so very ideal in areas that will get a lot of wear or in rental properties where furniture may be frequently moved around, it is also easier to maintain. Laminate is ideal if you just want a short term solution because it floats on your subfloor with an underlay underneath so it is easy to remove or replace damaged planks. I have a slate effect laminate in the hallway, bathroom and kitchen which I love. Laminate isn’t really ideal for bathrooms and kitchens because it can warp and swell if it soaks up too much water. You can get specifically designed laminate for kitchens and bathrooms. I would have loved real slate tiles, but my subfloor is wooden boards which has a bit of flexibility so its not ideal for floor tiles of this can because it can cause them to break up.


Solid or Engineered wood looks striking and can be styled in anyway. It can be varnished or oiled to meet the colour which you desire and it can be sanded down and re-treated, or left untreated. Wood is actually a pretty soft material it can easily be dented and scuffed, especially if you have a toddler that uses his toys like Thor’s hammer! We currently have exposed, untreated wooden floorboards in the lounge which I don’t mind but they are getting quite damaged from general life and furniture. My main issue is that we had our lounge extended so it has half old floorboards and half new so they’re completely different colours. I’m currently looking at Karndean luxury vinyl as a flooring solution for our lounge.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

The main brand of LVT out there is Karndean Design Flooring, but there are others out there that are just as good. I am currently considering a floor from the Karndean Van Gogh range for our lounge. This is a very hard wearing vinyl tile that is glued either to your concrete subfloor or to ply board laid on top of floorboards. It is suitable for any room including kitchens and bathrooms and is very solid and hardwearing. It is easy to wipe clean and will be ideal for us because we have a lot of foot traffic through our lounge and it opens out onto the garden.


Hopefully this has offered a little but of insight to anyone trying to make these choices!



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