British Tea Drinking Rituals

I have started to notice how often I put posts up referencing tea (as in a cup of) and it got me thinking about how a simple cuppa has become a huge part of my life. You’ll never find me more than a few metres away from a mug of the hot stuff (or luke warm stuff, seen as I have a young child). I even find myself judging people on how they take their tea; too much milk then we just cannot be friends Im afraid.


For me coffee is a quick fix, I only drink it black so its easy to make when I am in a hurry and it gives me a little buzz, but I just don’t enjoy it like a good cup of tea. Tea takes time to brew, and I like to take time to drink it, especially if I have a biscuit to dunk. Its almost like a small luxury to me, it is the essence of hygge for me. Just the comforting sensation fo holding a warm mug is addictive. Some times I will infuse loose tea, but more often its a convenient tea bag, not quite as tastey but not far off. If I know I am going to be at home for a while or have people over I will quite often make use of the teapot to get a decent brew on the go.

Its appropriate for every occassion, catching up with a friend, to help you wake up first thing, in the afternoon with a sweet treat, family gatherings, funerals, weddings, relationship breakdowns, interviews, at the hairdressers, on the go, if youre feeling unwell, even with sugar after a trauma.

Is there anything its not good for?! Its lifes greatest problem solver.
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I just cant say no to tea, even if I have just had a cup. Not partaking in the tea drinking ritual with others just feels wrong. Its a shared experience, even if you arent in conversation with the people around you, if you all have a cuppa in your hand then you are all in it together. 1956 was the highest tea consumption year in Britain, which was the first year PG Tips aired their advert with the Chimp family, since then it has been in slow and constant decline.

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I know it will always be a big part of my life.

I remember my first cup of tea at my childminders house when I was 4.

I remember having a special small kids Hornsea mug at home.

I remember my Dad making a cup of tea for him and my Mum before anything else
every morning, and as I got older he made one for me too.

I remember my parents standing by the kettle in dressing gowns, in what would now be a really outdated kitchen, waiting for it to boil.

I rememeber my Grandparents having a special mug for us Grandchildren at their house.

I remember my other set of Grandparents always having a biscuit to go with it.

I rememeber then drinking tea in the summer whilst doing gardening.

I remember ‘coffee’ mornings and ‘tupperwear’ mornings with my childminder where they would all be drinking tea.

I remember playing with my tea set and having squash as pretend tea and I used to serve it to my Grandpa with a large spoon of sugar in a little plastic cup and he would drink it just to keep me happy.

I remember making friends over a cuppa.

I remember having a cuppa after being told two of the worst pieces of news I have ever had.

I remember having a cup of tea after crashing my car.

I remember having a cup of tea after I discovered I was pregnant.

I remember having a cup of tea immediately after my waters broke.

I have a cup of tea first thing every morning.

I offer everyone who comes into our house a cup of tea.

I even have that same small Hornsea mug that I had as a kid in the cupboard waiting for my son to start his tea drinking journey.

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