Flats for life!

Even though I am petite… I hate the word short, don’t really like petite much either.

Even though I am 4ft11” I rarely wear heels. I love them, but lets face it they hurt and you can’t run away from weirdos or catch toddlers in them. I quite often compromise with a mid heel; less tragic than kitten heels and less impractical than stilettos. They stop my legs looking like stumps in skinny jeans so they are a crucial factor in my wardrobe.

Other than a mid-heel you will usually find me wearing flats especially through spring summer when I wear skirts and shorts. Even though flats aren’t quite as fun and elegant as heels there are a lot out there that are just as nice.

These are my favourite pair from Chinese Laundry through ASOS.

I have found a few other similar pairs all under £30 which are currently on my wish list for Spring/Summer:

Leopard Print Ballet Shoe £29

Grey Velvet Sling Backs £24

Pointed Metallic Flats £14

Leopard Flats with Ankle Strap £22

Silver slip ons £26

Leopard Sling Backs £28

Orange slip ons with Ankle Strap £22

Black Patent Loafers £14

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