Botanical Home Styling

Since having our own home and garden I have started to love, and possibly even become ever so slightly obsessed, with flowers and plants (I know I’m a Granny!). I genuinely think they benefit your home (and garden) in so many ways, I find it really calming. Yes my home really is that fucking tranquil!.

I find plants somehow also make a room feel lighter and fresher and most of them have some hidden benefits. Such as keeping the air clean, boosting oxygen levels, soaking up moisture from the atmosphere which could deter illness spreading and they can improve concentration and productivity! What is not to like??!


My number one indoor plant is a Peace Lily.
It is such a fab little guy that NASA even researched it and found the Peace Lily to be one of the best indoor plants for its air cleaning properties! I find this the easiest plant to look after and mine seems to grow bigger every year so I take a few crowns out and replant them in a couple of new pots. They dont like to get too cold and when the leaves look a little droopy I soak them in water for an hour or so and they like it to be humid so they do well in the kitchen and bathroom.

My number two indoor plant is a Dracaena.
These come in 40 different varieties. I currently have three different ones at home.
They are similar to the peace lily in that they are very low maintenance, they dont need to be watered too often and they like to be away from drafts and direct sunlight. Easy Peasy.

As they grow each Spring Summer it is a good idea to plant them in a larger pot if you want continued growth. Voila!


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