DIY Outdoors

I repainted the front of the house this weekend, something I have been planning on doing since we bought the house over 2 years ago!

I love having a bright, white house because it just seems to make the garden stand out more. All of the greenery and flowers  look that much more colourful.

Freshening up the paint is just a super simple way of making Our outside space look a lot neater.


I used Sandtex Masonry Paint  which I am really impressed with. It has a nice thick consistency so none of it dripped down the brush or on to the brick work surrounding the painted areas. I have only done one coat and it has covered all of the cracks and marks that were bugging me. I will probably do a second coat at some point, just because. It dried fast too!

The previous owners made a bit of a hash of painting certain areas and as you can see some of the brickwork has splashes of paint on and smudges where it shouldnt be, the mortar is a bit scruffy it some areas too, so I will attack it with some Brick Acid or Patio cleaner like this, and a wire brush.

I have plans to re-gloss the fascias and replace our drainpipes this summer too (exciting summer plans I know!).

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