Written in the stars

I have never really been sure about star Astrology Zodiac Signs or as most people call it, birth signs. How relevant is it really?

Occasionally if I come across them in a magazine I will read them for fun and I have never looked further into it than that. Β My birth sign is Virgo and recently I was reading about the character traits of a person born under this sign and it was spookily accurate. Since then I have read a bit more into it. I am still undecided, but I did find it kind of interesting.


Common Virgo Traits – ‘Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical,Β Shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, hard working

All of the above is alarmingly true about me, but when I think of other virgos I know, I can see how these traits may relate to them to. Maybe when you read these things you just interpret it in whichever way you want.

My other half is a Libra and it seems that we couldn’t be more mis matched if we tried according to our zodiac signs. I must admit we are very different in our approaches to many things, but thats why it works. The common Libra traits I have found very much relate to him too.

I think being born at a certain time of year can have an affect on how you live your life but most of it is down to traits which cannot be predetermined learnt through life experiences. So, if you read anything negative in your horoscope you can probably take it with a pinch of salt and just do your best to avoid what you have read if you can see things heading that way I suppose?! Who knows? I just think it’s important to not take these things too seriously.

This is what is happening for Virgos this year-
You normally act with great consideration and compassion. This year, what you do may more often have karmic implications with soul connections to improve your life. Your more playful, dramatic actions could have deeper, more subtle and long-reaching consequences.
The third of this year’s four Mercury retrogrades starts in Virgo on August 12 and ends in Leo on September 5. You can have some of your best and most successful moments of the year now. They may not look great in the moment, but they are.

No flippin idea what that means. If my successful moments of the year are now then thats sipping tea on the sofa waiting for the rain to stop! haha

Do you take any notice of your horoscope?

4 thoughts on “Written in the stars

  1. I never bothered to look at horoscopes, But my friend used too. What if two different sources would show different results for same zodiac signs ? And what is the source of that information ? Who is the person behind deciding how we are and what is going to happen with us ? These questions hold me back from following horoscopes though I have never bothered to dive deep to get these answers… Do you know any of them ?

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    1. Thats the exact reason I never really bothered with them before. Who is behind interpreting what the signs represent and what if different interpretations contradict each other, etc? Its all a bit too unreliable for me to pay too much attention too. However, I do like reading about the kind of character traits a person under each sign has. I suppose it is just a bit of fun for me really πŸ™‚

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      1. I guess that is the reason everybody reads them. I haven’t seen anyone saying ‘I am doing this because of what I read in horoscopes’ or ‘Reading horoscopes has changed my life’… :p


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