Nivea Q10 Night Cream Review

I have been using Nivea Q10 Night Cream every night for over a month now, along with the Nivea Q10 Eye cream. I am so happy with this product that I will certainly be buying the same again when it runs out. I don’t usually play favourites with cosmetics but I think I would be a little bit lost without this!

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The Q10 Night Cream has a thick, creamy consistency which becomes a lot lighter as you rub it into your skin until it is completely absorbed. It is lightly scentedΒ and doesn’t sting my eyes or anything which is commonly a problem for me if I have scented creams anywhere near the eye area. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin over the past month and some of that I would definitely put down to how nourishing this cream is. I have some fine lines on my forehead and under eye area all of which look a lot less defined since using this cream. When I wake up in the morning my face looks fresh and feels soft and clean.
A little goes a long way, after a month of daily use I am just over half way through the tub.

The Q10 Eye Cream has made a noticeable difference with the dark circles under my eyes. At first they just looked a little brighter as soon as I had put the cream on, as if I had put a BB type cream on. But, after using it daily for a month I can now see after I have cleansed my face that the under eye area looks a lot brighter than it did before even without make up.

I would certainly recommend both of these products, particularly to anyone who suffers with dry skin!

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