Family Mini-Break Packing

We are going to the sea-side for a couple of nights next week.
‘Holidaaaay, Celebraaate. It would be so ni…’

..Only, I’ve just realised it’s too early to celebrate because I have a mountain of list writing, planning and packing to do before we go.
Literally nothing is simple when you need to be away from home with a little one. Even just a day trip has to turn into a military operation with precision planning for it all to run smoothly. We are going to drive so at least we can take as much luggage as the car can handle!


To start with I have to write a list of what to take.. mainly for the little one’s things, a million nappies, baby wipes, emergency outfits, regular outfits, travel cot, etc .
Then try to pack it all in a practical way with things we may need first near the top of the bag just incase anyone wets themselves (the little one, not me), this then goes in the hold (the boot).

Unfortunately, there is a limitation on hand luggage, because the foot well in front of me is only so big, so I can only take the essentials. Fortunately there is no security limitations on hand luggage in the car, so I can take as many liquids and sharp objects as the foot well space will allow.

I will be packing plenty of snacks for the journey to try to keep my child (and his dad) happy, preferably non-messy ones that won’t make loads of crumbies in the car. I will also need to think about some small, not noisy, not irritating, entertaining toys to have in the car, not even sure if those exist.

I will need to be clever with my outfit planning because it is forecast to be sunny but knowing our luck it will rain, so I need interchangeable tops and bottoms for all occasions! Along with all of my cosmetics that make me look like Me.

Im definitely going to have to pack Kon-Mari style to fit all of this in!

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