LEON Restaurant Review

If you are ever looking for well prepared, delicious, fresh food available at reasonable prices, that you can eat in a quirky environment, then LEON is the place for you.

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I have been a huge fan of their recipe books for years.. particularly the Baking and Puddings book (Hannah’s banana bread is delicious and easy!), but I had never been fortunate enough to visit one of their restaurants until a couple of years ago in London.

There is a few LEON restaurants in and around London, other than that they are sparsely scattered around the UK. The first time I went was in Spitalfields Market and I wasnt disappointed. We chose two small pots from The Body Coach options on the menu which were super healthy and tasty. Even though it was lunch time and the staff were all rushed off of their feet we were given very efficient and friendly service. A lot of care is taken in the presentation of the food and the restaurant itself.

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We visited Brighton for a couple of nights this week and were so excited to find a LEON restaurant just 5 minutes away from our hotel. We had breakfast there both mornings, even though Brighton has so many food options we couldn’t get enough of it. If you choose an item off the breakfast menu and have a coffee it comes to £4.25 which is incredible considering the coffee is one of the nicest I have had (that’s saying something, I have tried a lot of coffee), it comes piping hot and in decent sized cup. I had a latte which I usually find too sickly in the mornings but the coffee itself was so strong and such a nice flavour I imagine it tasted exactly how a latte is really supposed to.


Both mornings myself and my other half had a muffin off of the breakfast menu. I had smoked salmon with a hard poached egg and hollandaise sauce and it was so nice I had it both mornings, I couldn’t complain about a thing. They have other options such as small pots of Greek yoghurt and Porridge with various toppings which would be great for kids. We just ordered a few slices of wholemeal buttered toast for our little one which he loved, I tried a piece and the bread was delicious (again, that’s saying something because my other half is a baker!).

We received the same quality of service as we had experienced in Spitalfields a couple of years ago and the seating areas and facilities were just as clean and quirky as I remember them being.

Overall we were so happy, I’m just sad our home town doesn’t yet have one because we would definitely keep it in business.

If you ever happen to find one of their restaurants I would recommend you pop in, even if it’s just for a coffee!

* The only warning I would give is that the menu is fairly small compared to most restaurants, which obviously means the quality of the food produced is much better, but it is not ideal for picky eaters, which is fine for Us but may put others off.

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