Brighton Family Trip

As you may or may not know, We are doing a lot of work in the garden this summer (more to follow again next summer) and so We are holidaying on a budget in the UK this year. Living the dream.

Last week we went on a little family trip to Brighton and this is the first chance I have had to put up a little post about it.

We went Tuesday-Thursday to help us keep our costs down, it’s not like we can make Friday and Saturday nights up in da club anyway!

IMG-20170524-WA0007 1

We stayed in a Travelodge right opposite the seafront near to the pier, it was outdated but clean and for the price we paid and the location we couldn’t complain.
I don’t see the point in booking fancy hotel rooms when we have the little one with us. We cant relax and enjoy it as much as we would alone and He is a bit of a rock star and likes to trash the rooms he stays in so would probably end up with an extortionate hotel bill!
Luckily there is a secure, seafront underground car park which we parked in so it was easy enough for us to carry all of our luggage (mainly Patrick’s!) between us, although it was rather expensive!

We had some fantastic food that we could all enjoy together, luckily Patrick loves his food even though he can be picky and we found lots of places that accommodated kids.

My favourites were
LEON for breakfast, which have previously written a review about.

for dinner, which none of us had been to before, where we enjoyed a selection of sharing tapas. It is a large chain restaurant that can be found in most UK cities which We didn’t realise until we looked up its website the next day, We would certainly recommend it!

Franco Manca for lunch, which a pal of mind had recommended. It was absolutely spot on, great food done well at fair prices. All of the staff fell in love with Patrick and made us feel very welcome, which you don’t always when you had a little one.

The Breakfast Club for lunch/dinner, hidden in the lanes area with a couple of outside table which we managed to grab so we could watch the world go by. Food was delicious and the menu was nice and varied, it took a long time to get to us, but staff were very attentive and offered us free drinks etc, for the wait so we didnt mind.


Although the beach is pebbly it is super clean and pleasant to sit on, there are plenty of bars along the seafront so you can have a tipple while you sunbathe.
This was Patrick’s first time at the beach and he loved it even though he didn’t really understand it and kept running off to sunbathing strangers!
We had a couple of walks on the pier which was great lots of colourful, creepy moving things, horrendous, loud music and the sickening, sweet smell of candy floss and churros in the air, every kids dream frankly! Although it felt a bit like we were in a an episode of American Horror Story at times.
Other than Patrick not sleeping because he was sharing a room with us and the 6 hours it took us to get home (instead of 3) it was amazing. We are off to Weymouth in August to stay with family and we can’t wait.

Does anyone have any recommendations for Weymouth for people with small children?!

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