Maternity Leave

A year ago tomorrow I returned to work after having my first baby. Financially I had to, but now I am glad that I did just for my sanity. There I was thinking it would be really hard not spending every minute of each day with the baby and having to juggle things at home around my work hours. I can honestly say, being back at work, albeit only part-time, is actually easier than being on full-time maternity leave. It was compliacted at first to find a job that would fit around childcare and things, but now everything is in place its great. I have just the right balance of work and family life. I never get any time to myself, I am either at work or with Patrick, but does any Mum?!


Maternity Leave
I was on leave for four weeks before my due date, which was deffinitely the right decision for me because I was on my feet a lot at work, and it ended when Patrick was 8 months old. In this time we were finishing a lot of work on our house and we didnt actually move in until Patrick was three and a half months old so it was a nice busy time. I think if it wasnt for having lots to do I would have gone mad. Its so lovely having so much time off with your little one, but they absorb so much of your time it is easy to do nothing else but serve their needs. Before you know it you are barely socialising with your friends or doing and seeing things you want to.

I felt like 8 months was the right time for him to start nursery because this was when he started to get interested in more activities like messy play which I knew he would do much more of at nursery. He also has no siblings or young relatives so I thought it was important for him to socialise consistently with other children whilst He was young. At this point he had just about learnt to sit up independently but wasn’t crawling around so he still needed a lot of one to one care. In the first few weeks he was at nursery he very quickly became more independant attempting crawling and trying to feed himself and I am convinced this was because of him learning from the children at nursery.

This past year has gone so fast, we are constantly busy at home and the weeks just fly by I cannot believe how the time has gone. It has definitely been the best thing for me and for Patrick. I still feel like I get to spend plenty of time with Him and it is great to have the extra bit of income that I bring in!

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