Iroha Nature Charcoal Tissue Face Mask Review

Just a super quick review on this tissue mask I bought from Boots by Iroha Nature.

Collage 2017-06-01 10_38_56
Now I know I look slightly scary, possibly a Bank Robber come Wrestler?! But this mask is an absoulte must if your skin needs some extra hydration.

It is recommened for Oily/Combination skin, of which I have neither. However, when I saw it contained Charcoal and Hyaluronic acid I thought it was worth a go for tackling impurities and dry skin.

I am so pleased with the results, directions say to leave on for 15 minutes but I left it for 25 and, with the mask still on, massaged my face before peeling it off to try and absorb as much of the product as possible into my face.

The results were a immediate, a much brighter skin tone, a noticeable subtle glow over me cheeks and fore head and fine lines and enlarged pores were much less defined. This morning my skin still looks great and I had a perfect base for make up.

I know the results are only temporary but if you used this mask maybe once a week or every couple of weeks you would probably manage to sustain the fresher looking skin constantly.

I would certainly recommend treating yourself if youre in need of a low cost luxury!


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