Benefits of a Gold Collagen Face Mask

I’ve been hearing some amazing benefits of using collagen 24k gold face masks available in salons and for use at home.

My sister recommended trying them so I bought a pack on Amazon as I’m currently going through a bad skin phase.

WP_20170605_12_27_51_Pro (2).jpg

The Collagen Gold masks are pH balanced and work to restore your skins natural moisture content. The help to firm and plump up skin and even skin tone. My main skin complaints are frequent blemishes, dark pigmented patches on forehead and cheek bones and enlarged pores.
The collagen mask is supposed to tackle all of these skin issues so I am feeling hopeful!


I kept the mask on for 45 minutes, so its best to do this when you have no plans, it was slightly too large for my face so I had to lay back on the sofa a bit to stop it sliding off, other than that I’m rather pleased.

I could immediately see that my skin had more of a glow than usual and my enlarged pores had become slightly less obvious, it had also smoothed the skin out and hydrated it so I had a great base for make up.

I am hoping that with continued use the pigmented areas will even out slightly more, and for the price they are I see no reason why I would stop using them. These were available on for £6 at the time I purchased them.

I would certainly recommend trying them!


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