Beauty sleep must haves

Beauty Sleep Essentials

There’s nothing better than a decent night’s beauty sleep to revive you.

It’s so rare that I wake up feeling fresh and well rested at the moment. I think my brain is always in overdrive and I just don’t switch off at the end of the day.

I’ve been trying out a few new methods get the most out of my night’s sleep and have been having some noticeable results. I think having a routine is important, which is easy when you have a toddler with a routine!

Here are my beauty sleep essentials to help you feel and look well rested;

Beauty Sleep Essentials

  1. I have invested in a rather kitsch, satin eye mask because we have street lights right outside our bedroom window so I get a horrid orange glow shining through the curtains which wakes me up most nights. Another bonus is when the mask is on my other half doesn’t go near me!
    We have now bought some shutter blinds which need to be out up, so hopefully lights won’t be my problem anymore.
  2. I have started using pillow spray on a whim, it is lavender and camomile scented and it is so relaxing, makes my hair smell good in the morning too! I’m not sure how much it does to help me sleep, but it definitely seems to be relaxing, keeps the bed sheets smelling fresh too.
  3. Sometimes I just have a lot on my mind and I am worried I will forget things, this was especially a problem when I was at uni and would think of something genius to write in an essay and didn’t want to forget it. So, always have a pen and a scrap of paper by the bed so you can write it down and then you don’t need to worry about keeping it in mind!
  4. The main thing for me is comfy bed sheets and I definitely think these things are worth splurging on, and a comfortable mattress of course.

    Sleep Well!

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